The Kite Centre In Zanzibar

We have a fully stocked kite centre at Paje by Kite offering lessons, rental, storage and shop with equipment and accessories.

Equipment and shop

We have the latest kites and boards from Flexifoil including the Hadlow Pro and Hadlow ID; Wainman kites and boards including surf boards; Harnesses from ION; Also many brands of board shorts, sunglasses and other accessories.

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Flexifoil | Wainman | ION


Rental will be from €15/hour and we welcome and encourage you to try out a full range of Kitesurf equipment to fully understand and appreciate the differences in different style of kite and board.

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IKO instructors and freestyle clinics

Our instructors are all IKO certified and as well as the normal beginner and refresher course we will be offering freestyle clinics for those wishing to learn to jump, make their fist backroll, un-hook, all the way through to nailing those passes. We will be developing this throughout the season to include media training and photo-shoots incorporated, …more info on that soon.

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Downwinders and trips

For downwinders you are in the best place on the planet. The reef runs along the entire eastern coast of Zanzibar and it is possible to make downwinder if anything from 5-50km allowing you to experience you first downwinder with confidence, inside the reef if you wish, whilst those wanting to really play in the surf and see the coast can follow the reef as far as they wish or take a taxi along the coast and kite back to Paje. We will be making many organised downwinders of all length for all levels, and organised trips will include a rescue boat, food and drink and transport either to or from the downwinder.

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No wind fun

It happens, we cannot promise wind all the time, but when it does stop we like to take SUP and surf boards out to the reef on a boat and play in the waves, fishing trips, snorkelling, diving and this year we have imported a more powerful boat to get some potential wake boarding, tubing and whatever else we can think of to do with a boat in no wind. Of course you could always do a bit of tourism, it’s not like there is a lack of things to see in paradise.

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VIP Package

Yes, as our founder is a big advocate of this approach to kiting, we will be offering subject to interest, a VIP package whereby you can tell us when you want your kite ready and it will be pumped, lines laid and waiting for you when you! It gets better, we will then clean it and pack it away for you safe in storage. If you are a VIP kiter, why not be treated like one.