Info & Area Map

Paje Zanzibar is made up of two huge lagoons and a reef and without a doubt has the biggest and safest space to learn and progress your kiteboarding whatever your ability.

The tide changes the spot throughout the day, with big low tides emptying the inner lagoon and sending kiters to the out lagoon and sand banks. This and the inner lagoon as the tide changes are the perfect flat water knee deep conditions for both taking those kite metres on your board, and consistent conditions and empty space to go and nail that pass that was eluding you.

The reverse effect of this can be high tide sessions with beach break kickers for styling out the freestyle in front of those sitting on the beach and perfecting those strapless moves without the distance of the reef.

The reef is around 1.8km away from the beach and is easily accessible from the beach but not recommended for beginners of going alone unless you feel comfortable with the long swim back. The waves here break from 1m – 6m but with most days around 3m or 4m. These are perfect conditions for strapless wave riding, freestyle fun in the waves and taking those first steps into wave riding.

There is a line of seaweed farms between the inner and outer lagoon, this can easily be crossed and mid and high tide, but at low tide there are 3 areas where it is clear and easy to pass. At very low tide of course you can just walk past them and choose your favourite pass point.

When not in the lagoons there are aslo rocks, coral and sea urchins around so for beginners it is advisable if stay only in standing depth to familiarise yourself with the location and the map so you are aware of your limits and boundaries.

Paje Kitesurf Area