Zanzibar Wind & Tide

Thanks to the weather and wind seasonality the island is a perfect spot to learn and enjoy kitesurfing. 
Kusini and Kaskasi are the prevailing wind in the island:

4 months of Kaskasi wind
2 months with no wind
4 months of Kusini wind
2 months with no wind

15th June through 15th October approx. South to North wind. 
This wind blows every day following parallel to the beach line upwards. The wind has a speed of 11 to 22 knots but in a season we may have a few days where the wind really kicks in up to 25+ knots.

15th December through 15th April, approx. North to South wind.
This wind also blows parallel to the beach, although the speed varies somehow and there are sometimes lulls in the wind. The wind has a speed of 10 to 18 knots but there are also 18-25 knot days if you get lucky.

Tide times for Paje – August 2016 » Mar 2017