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The local currency is the Tanzanian Shilling. You will find many exchange bureaux and a number of banks in Stone-Town as well as accredited hotels throughout the island. Although most vendors well accept Us dollars and Euro, it should not be taken as a given. It is also a good idea to ask, when changing, for smaller denominations (5000, 1000 and 500 Ths.) to avoid the no change situations. Credit cards are accepted in some restaurants, shops and hotels, including our guest house.
Keep in mind that there exist different exchange rates for the amount of US dollar bills (for example 1 to 20 USD notes get less shillings than 100USD notes).

Zanzibar is an island just off the Tanzanian coast. Dar es Salaam is the nearest big city on the mainland and also a good place to fly to first for those unable to get a direct flight to ZNZ.

International airlines that fly to DAR or directly to ZNZ are:

The flight from DAR to ZNZ is around 70$ oneway, you can check the airlines or take one of the ferries for around 35$ oneway:

Zanzibar island is not that big, It’s aound 90 km long and 50km wide and there are three option to get around:

1) Taxi, to Paje it’s around 50$ from Stonetown, this is for 4 people, or a minivan upto 8.

2) Sharing taxi, leaves from the old fort around 13.00 to most populair places, it’s around 10$ a person

3) Dala dala, leaves from the market area, to Paje it’s 2000Tsh